Strippers, waiters and waitresses: prices in Sydney


ServicePriceDepositDue balanceDuration
Hot Pants Waiter (2 hours minimum)
Try our sexy muscular, topless waiters, who wear nothing but TIGHT white briefs. There for your viewing pleasure, they will serve you and your friends your ice cold cocktails while you party the night away.
G-String Waiter (2 hours minimum)
Topless Hunks wearing nothing but G-Strings. For the girls that like it a little more cheeky... Have your champas and cocktails served to you and your friends while you simply kick back and relax - or dance on 'til morning.
Nude Waiter (2 hours minimum)
Ripped, SEXY men, NAKED. For those girls who just want it all. Don't go the night wondering what could be..underneath. Try one (or more) of our Full Monty waiters. They bare it all -- for your enjoyment


ServicePriceDepositDue balanceDuration
G-String Strip (Male)
R Rated strippers taking it to a cheeky level with 6 songs of pure excitement. The G may stay on... but ladies NOTHING else needs to be left untouched.
$210$50$16015 mins
Full Monty Strip (Male)
XXX Rated Strippers who take it all the way, baring all for an unforgettable night. Nothing left, unrevealed. No rules left unbroken. A night no girl should go without.
$260$50$21018 mins
Cherries & Cream (Male)
Hungry ladies...? Enjoy this edible delight where the main girl gets to decorate our men like a birthday cake.
$290$60$23018 mins
Fire Show
Entertain your guests with an eye boggling, death defying, THRILLING night of AWE. Our Fire twirlers will LIGHT UP THE SKY. From family affairs to a night of exotic dance, lust & seduction, we cater for all. After witnessing our fire fighters in action, you will burn!
$300$90$21018 mins


ServicePriceDepositDue balanceDuration
Skimpy Waitress (Fri-Sun) (2 hours minimum)
Gorgeous skimpys wearing next to nothing, catering to your every whim. Drinks... Chats... Good tunes & GREAT times. Make it a memorable night your mates will talk about for years to come!
Topless Waitress (2 hours minimum)
Try our Cheeky, Sexy, Perky, Topless waitresses. There for your viewing pleasure AND they will attend to your every need. Cold beers, great girls, FANTASTIC times. Call now to book your girl..or girls :P for a night NOT to be missed.
Nude Waitress (2 hours minimum)
XXX Rated Service, for the man that wants it all. Wearing nothing but knee high boots or sexy stilettos and sporting a personality as striking as their body...our girls WILL turn heads. An experience no man can live without.


ServicePriceDepositDue balanceDuration
Topless G-String Strip (Female)
A great show for every occasion. Entertainment for every occasion,
$250$50$20012 mins
Full Nude Strip (Female)
The striptease where EVERYTHING comes off. Pure excitement as our girls take you all the way.
$300$50$25015 mins
Wet 'n' Wild Bath Show
After a full nude strip, the performer will definitely need a bath... and she'll get one! Everybody's favourite, a great show followed by a sexy bath where you'll want to be the sponge!
$320$50$27022 mins
Strawberries & Cream (Female)
Hungry boys...? Enjoy this edible delight!
$320$50$27022 mins
Girlie DUO
Two girls getting nude together, dancing and spicing things right up.
$600$100$50022 mins
Wet 'n' Wild Bath DUO
Sometimes one girl is just not enough... especially after a raunchy strip! Let's face it, two girls having a bath together can only get it right...!
$640$100$54025 mins


ServicePriceDepositDue balanceDuration
Single X-Rated With Toys
XX Rated striptease with our gorgeous girls using toys and giving you the best raunchy show, with toys!
$400$50$35025 mins
Single X-Rated With Toys 'n' Bubbles
After an X-Rated show a performer really needs a bath... she will get one, and you will get to watch her!
$420$50$37035 mins
X-Rated DUO
If the x-rated show is not enough for you, try it with two girls! Each performer will strip nude, and will put her hands on toys...
$800$100$70030 mins
X-Rated With Toys 'n' Bubbles DUO
The X-Rated with toys and bubble is a pleasure. Try it with two girls together!
$900$100$80040 mins
Spot/Spot DUO
You can just die watching a full nude show (r rated) from each girl, and then the duo x rated show! Each show is separate with separate costume. Three unforgettable shows.
$1080$200$88045 mins
Vibe vibe double vibe
This is the ultimate duo choice. Watch each girl do one x-rated show each, and then join forces and do a duo x-rated show!
$1250$250$100060 mins


ServicePriceDepositDue balanceDuration
Specialty Show (Summer Raine Only)
Summer Raine, her duo partner, vibrators and two double-enders! It's an explosive mix which is not to be missed!
$1150$150$100060 mins
Specialty Show (Shayanne Bella Only)
Ring and ask for more details but we promise you wont be disapointed!! XXX
$600$100$50030 mins